Asbestos Removal

Many asbestos materials are low-risk while in good condition, but when cracked, drilled, sanded, worn, weathered by the elements or removed, they become hazardous – not only to those handling them but to future generations that will be exposed to dust left behind in air and soil.

Vale Park Demolition can safely remove asbestos found in your building, prior to demolition.

Asbestos Regulations

Asbestos is highly regulated, and disposal is subject to complex legislation and strict procedures. The Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012 Asbestos removal is also covered by the Environmental Protection Act.

Work with asbestos falls into one of three categories: “non-licensed”, “non-licensed but notifiable” or “licensed”.

Even the safest non-notifiable category has to be conducted by trained staff with approved equipment and written records kept, but the authorities do not have to be informed. This category normally involves undamaged materials containing low concentrations of “white” chrysotile asbestos.

If materials have to be broken up to dispose of them, the work becomes “notifiable” to the Health & Safety Executive, and workers must be medically monitored.

Working with asbestos requires licensed specialists equipped with full protective clothing and respirators, and work areas must be hermetically sealed.

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